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Posted By: Senoufou
15-Sep-21 - 03:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Veganism
Subject: RE: BS: Veganism
Oh dear pfr, I'm so sorry you'll be struggling financially. Are there Food Banks in your area? We contribute regularly to one, and a lovely lady in our village transports all the stuff to the big central food bank in the nearby town. It helps folk like your good self to 'keep afloat' nutritionally.
Africans often find themselves in the same situation, eating only the much cheaper cereals (mostly rice) with a few bits of vegetables made into a 'sauce' with added spices. Very tasty, but not enough protein.
Meat (chicken or mutton) is only eaten at religious feast times (and many families can't afford that either)
My poor husband was physically very depleted when he arrived in UK. He had rickets (his legs are still bandy!) and he had osteoporosis, bones like sponges. Fortunately, with an excellent, balanced diet, he soon became stronger, and after being in hospital with 'shin splints' and an acute abdomen (infected intestinal damage die to worms), he flourished.
I suppose it's having seen all this that has made me reject Vegans' suggestions to abandon meat.