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Posted By: The Sandman
25-Sep-21 - 03:33 AM
Thread Name: Question about Irish vs English fiddling
Subject: RE: Question about Irish vs English fiddling
Dave you are misinformed. John plays a sytemthat is not used by any leading irish bass players, neither is it used by tony hall.,
no your statement does not give credence to anything, because with the b c, it depends on what keys you are playing in, and how your basses are tuned
manitas you are correct but only in relation to the keys of[ a d g and related minors].
Dave the Gnome, What most DG players do when they want to play in a major is buy a 2 and a half row DG or a three row DGA.
hardly anybody plays the sytem used by john kirkpatrick
There are two other systems used by irish players the c csharp and the d dsharp
the dg melodeon or button accordion is very versatile in the keys of d and g, because there are a lot of the same notes on both rows. i believe they are on the opposite direction, so IF you want to smooth a phrase, tripet or one note out you have plenty of options.