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Posted By: Joe Offer
28-Sep-21 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: ADD: My Little Girl I Love You
Subject: ADD Parody: My Little Girl I Love You
Lee Sartain emailed this one to me:

My Little Girl I Love You (Parody)

Little Girl you got sleepy.
    and you went upstairs to bed
You put your glass eye on the dresser
    and your peg leg under the bed.               
You put your false teeth in the window.         
    And you false wig on a chair
Little girl you know I love you
    But you're scattered everywhere

Same tune:

It's called a tap room in Pennsylvania
    In Manhattan plush lined club
It's called a gin mill in old Chicago
    And in London It's a bloomin' pub
They serve you cocktails in ritzy Newport
    And it's boilermakers in Squeedunk
But no matter where you are
    When you stagger from the bar
You're just plain old-fashioned drunk.