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Posted By: Kim C
06-Mar-01 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: School Pranks?
Subject: RE: BS: School Pranks?
Mister told me that when he was in high school in the bad ol' 70s, he and a couple of his pards stole an outhouse (not in use) and put it in the courtyard with a sign saying "Principal's Office" as a Halloween prank. The principal got on the intercom and said, whoever this belongs to, please come get it. They did, and took it back, and no one got in trouble.

Last year in Mt. Juliet, which is right up the road from NAshville, some seniors were caught breaking into the school after hours and destroying property. There was a big hoo-ha because their punishment was that they could not march in their graduation. Their parents thought it was unfair. But last time I checked, breaking and entering was, like, illegal...