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Posted By: MAG
05-Oct-21 - 03:55 AM
Thread Name: ADD: Before Eternity (Archie Fisher)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Archie Fisher
I'm trying to make out the words to this from the recording: here's what i've got so far if you could fill in, great

song " Before Eternity” A. Fisher

I am the moon that sails the night/ I am the stars above you/
I am the sun that brings the light/ I am the one who loves you/
I am the wind that fills the sails/ I am the millwheel’s water/
I am the crop that never fails/ I am the sons and daughters/

I am the colors of the dawn/ I am the song birds chorus/
I am the fields of ripening corn/ I am the ancient forest/
I am the whisper of the earth/ I am the new born crying/
I am the springtime of rebirth/ I am the autumn dying/

I am the flame that lights the fire/ I am the new tomorrow/
I   am… fills … desire / I am your greatest sorrow/
I am the child who takes your hand/ I am the friend …(depending?)
I am the one who understands/   I am the happy ending/

I am the Surging of the sea/ I am the Raging river
I am before eternity/   I am beyond forever
I am the secret of your soul/ I am …the one to … you
I am the part/ I am the whole/ / I am the   life within you

Repeat first 4 lines, w/ part b tune