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Posted By: Felipa
14-Oct-21 - 07:02 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Liobhan
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Liobhainn
I couldn't find this song in the Digital Tradition either. I didn't find Mo Ghleannan Taobh Loch Lìobhainn because the digitrad has LI\OBHAINN instead of LIOBHAINN. I know to search for just a word or two rather than a whole title, but the words I chose were "Loch Liobhainn"! And although I would expect the spelling Lìobhainn in the genitive case, internet searches are indicating that the Gaelic of Loch Leven is most often spelled Loch Liobhann. Mudcat searches fail if you don't use the exact spelling that's in a previous entry.

Runrig Fan, It is better not to post more than two or three songs on the same day. You know that I sometimes add translations or summaries and/or background information. And from time to time someone else may have useful comments as well. But we are more likely to respond to more of the song lyrics if they are not all posted at the same time. So less is more. And if you are starting a new discussion thread, I think it's also good if you take the time to gather up what other information you have and post it when you start the discussion, for instance a clickable link to a recording can be useful.

The Digital Tradition entry - link in the second comment in this discussion - includes a translation. The accent marks on vowels such as ò and ì are indicated on that transcription by a \ after the elongated vowel.

Some recordings currently on youtube:Battlefield Band

Daimh in concert

Daimh words and translation given on the page, scenic photographs on screen Hò-rò,singer Hannah MacRae