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Posted By: Senoufou
20-Oct-21 - 06:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Husband has just done his lateral flow test (every Sunday and Wednesday) and thank God it's negative again. He has to do nine hours of heavy cleaning work during lesson-times and evenings at the high school, where all the pupils & teachers wear a mask. He's given a mask and a visor plus disposable rubber gloves to perform his work. Being BAME he is more vulnerable to Covid.
When he gets home, he showers and cleans himself, plus changes all his clothes.
I can't imagine how I'd feel if the poor chap had refused any vaccinations. But (thank God again!) he has had two AZ ones and awaits the booster shortly, as do I. Also, he's very determined to wear a disposable mask (as am I) when we go to the supermarket.
Now imagine if he was a refusenik anti-vaxxer, contracted the virus and generously passed it to me. I have a heart condition, am elderly and he could be the cause of my demise.
We both take this very seriously, and feel that everyone should be encouraged to accept the vaccine. And wear a mask. Or risk death after infecting other people.