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Thread Name: Lyr Req: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)
Subject: ADD: No Time for Love (Jack Warshaw)
No Time For Love (aka If They Come In the Morning)

Original lyrics updated 2015 by the author, Jack Warshaw. Released August 2015 on the Album "Misfits Migrants and Murders"

(Jack Warshaw)

They call it the law - apartheid, internment, repression, injustice and silence
The law that they made to keep you and me where they think we belong
They who hide behind steel and bullet-proof glass, machine guns and spies
And tell us who suffer their tear gas and torture that we're in the wrong

No time for love if they come in the morning
No time to show fear or for tears in the morning
No time for goodbyes no time to ask why
And the wail of the siren is the cry of the morning

The trade union leaders, the rebels, the writers, the fighters and all
The strikers who fought with the cops at their factory gates
The sons and the daughters of unnumbered heroes who paid with their lives
The poor folk whose color or class or belief was their only mistake

They suffered the torture they rotted in cells, wrote letters, went crazy and died
The limits of pain they endured but the loneliness got them instead
The courts gave ‘em justice as justice is given by well mannered thugs
Sometimes they fought for the will to survive and sometimes they wished they were dead

They took away Sacco, Vanzetti, Connolly and Pearse in their time
They came for Mandela, Bobby Sands, the Panthers and many more friends
Now they come after those who expose their crimes like Snowdon has done
In places that never made headlines, the list never ends

The boys in blue are only a few of the everyday cops on their beat
The CID, NSA, Google and Apple and spies and eyes in the skies do their job well
And behind them the brains that build systems that collect every word that we breathe
And the ones who decide when it’s time to drag you to a cell

Now you tell us that here we are free to say and to think what we please
To march and to speak, to write and to sing as long as we do it alone
But say it out loud with millions of comrades and it won’t be too long.
Till they give you a long rest with walls and barbed wire for a home

You call us illegal, unwanted, mass rapists, drug dealers and more
We who pick all your crops; clean your homes, wash your kids, fight and die in your wars
You order your police and border enforcers to shove us back where we once fled in fear
Away from the land you call “free” that you took from the poor folk you murdered before

So come all you people to give to your brothers and sisters the will to fight on
They say you get used to a war but that doesn't mean the war isn't on
The fish need the sea to survive just as your comrades do
And the death squads can only get to them if first they can get through to you