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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
03-Nov-21 - 09:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: New news *not* about the virus
Subject: RE: BS: New news *not* about the virus
Walrus leaves Arctic comfort zone for snooze on Dutch Walrus-class submarine ... Freya, as the animal has been named, is the first of her species to visit the Netherlands in 23 years. She was spotted snoozing on a submarine in the naval port of Den Helder by Jeroen Hoekendijk, a Dutch scientist specialising in marine mammals ... Hoekendijk was instructed that he wasn’t allowed to board the vessel to photograph the animal, only to be told; ‘But you can walk on it.’ He also noted that the vessel happens to be a ‘Walrus-class submarine’ – and is named Zr. Ms. Dolfijn.
Social media users quipped that the Arctic mammal showed an “excellent example of animal-initiated civil resistance”, and that “considering military are huge contributors to carbon emissions, the walrus is probably protesting climate justice”. Others, however, thought it was very nice of the Dutch navy not to kick the walrus off their boat ...

yes, the Dutch word Dolfijn is the English word Dolfin