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07-Mar-01 - 12:36 AM
Thread Name: The Martin 000-15S
Subject: RE: The Martin 000-15S
kivatrader and UB Ed. When I mentioned Mahogony as a tone wood, I meant that the soundboard is made of Mahogony. That is the case with the 000-15S.

Dan, I haven't had to change strings yet, but I have changed strings on slotted head instruments before. It is quite easy. For a quick change it has the advantage that you can snip off the end quickly without getting stabbed the stub later. The 000-15S has an old-style bridge with slots for the strings. I don't know if that adds to the complication of changing them.

I agree with you about the pickguard Wesley. I think it would look best without one altogether and as I never use a pick, I might look into having it removed someday. I would be happy to get comments on how easy it is to remove one and what the disadvantages of removing them are.