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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
12-Nov-21 - 12:40 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Friends have managed to set up (through a government program) a home health visit every two weeks. They have been vaccinated and boosted, but he teaches in a college classroom setting and she has several health issues. So their boosters were delivered by this visiting nurse, as were their flu shots. This is part of the COVID response and isn't costing them. They decided on this approach to avoid her having to visit public waiting rooms to get her vaccines. It reminds me of how you do some of your family medical things, Jon.

You'll have to report back how the VBox works. I think there are several similar devices available over here; I tried to set up a local broadcast streaming service via my Amazon Fire Stick but after a couple of weeks of joining it ended when the cable companies were able to get them shut down. The Locast company said they were free but asked for donations (by interrupting broadcasts regularly) and since they were building up their network they made more than needed to cover the immediate costs - thereby being for-profit, and that's how the cable companies got them shut down. Moral of story - don't get too hooked on some of these devices and services, they don't always stick around forever.

Last year I grew cucumbers and made lots of pickles (dill, bread and butter, and fresh Kosher/dill) and relish and still have quite a bit in the pantry. (I was so busy with okra this year I didn't plant cucumbers.) We ate all of the dill spears, and I wanted more fresh pickles so I bought some fairly pricey organic cucumbers and this morning I packed four jars (with spices, garlic, and pickle crisp) then topped with the hot brine (apple cider vinegar, water, and pickling salt). They will cool for a while then into the fridge for a couple of weeks before I start eating. It says wait two days, but they are at the best starting a couple of weeks out. I love the smell of the spices and vinegar wafting through the house!

The lawns need mowing and I need to finish thinning iris. I have two small trees to plant, and I'll put metal fence post and chicken wire around the one in the back yard to protect it from being chomped by the dogs. Tomorrow and Sunday I have events on my calendar so I need to pace myself to get everything done.

I've misplaced or lost my pocket knife. It's time to order a spare, because every so often the knife goes missing for a while, usually to be found in a jacket pocket or an unused pack, etc. I've retraced my steps from when I remember last using it. I feel naked without it.