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Posted By: Levana Taylor
03-Dec-21 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: Any December Songs?
Subject: RE: Any December Songs?
by Larry Kaplan

Was a lonely old night; longest night of the year.
Biggest moon in the sky; biggest moon in ten years.
There's a chill in the air; hear the wind in the trees.
Says it's just another winter night. He doesn't mind.
He says, "It suits me."
Come a bump on the door, then a snap of the wind.
But there hasn't been a single soul come calling here since I don't know when.
Put the coffee pot down; better turn into bed.
There ain't nothing like a little sleep
To get these devils out of your head.

CHORUS (after each verse):
It's a lonely night; he could use a few songs.
Needs a banjo and a fiddle, and a little tune that isn't too long.
Dancing in the kitchen; talking 'bout the fishing last June.
Flirting with the ladies. Would you take a look at that moon!

In a minute or two he was deep in a sleep;
But there were tunes in his ear and the music was sweet.
Then he heard a voice call, "Roll the carpet back now.
Put the chairs in the corner. If you want to dance,
We're starting right now."
There was singing all night; how that fiddle bow flew!
Kids on the stairs, folks alone and in pairs; not a soul there he knew.
Won't you come out tonight? Take a turn on the floor.
So they spun him 'round a little,
Then he spun himself around a bit more.

Then the music grew dim; then they all disappeared.
He sat up with a start. Where's the music he hears?
Throws open the door; just a little new snow.
Fire in the fireplace; it must have started minutes ago.
Sun up in the trees. There ain't nobody there.
But there's rosin on the table, and he can't remember moving them chairs.
What a curious dream; what a wonderful night!
Well, the winter gets long, but he's got a new song,
And the moon is still bright.