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Posted By: keberoxu
03-Dec-21 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: BS: Icelandic POV on Valli the Walrus
Subject: RE: BS: Icelandic POV on Valli the Walrus
True enough, Thompson.
Now if only the darned things could talk,
they could tell us where their home colonies of walruses are.
That's the secret that no one can uncover.
Did these two lone walruses come from
Arctic islands to the north of Norway?
or . . . northernmost Russia?

The scientists, researchers, and authors published in articles
referenced in earlier posts on this thread,
describing walruses desperate for food who search ONSHORE
and get themselves into all sorts of desperate scrapes on land --
like plunging off of ocean cliffs --
are citing reports from Russia.

We know the lone walruses did not come from Iceland,
where the Vikings hunted them to extinction centuries ago.