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12-Oct-98 - 03:22 AM
Thread Name: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
Subject: RE: hamish imlach
I like to think Hamish died the way he would have liked to go. He didn't compromise his chosen lifestyle for longevity, and he certainly lived his 54 years at least three times over. Not exactly an example to the kids, perhaps, but I admire him for that.
Fortunately, he made one CD just before he died. 'More and Merrier' is, I think, on the KRL/Lochshore label and also features Hamish's long-term partner, Muriel Graves, and his (sadly, short-term) musical partner, the fabulous Kate Kramer, who is actually American, but living in Glasgow.
I think 'Sonny's Dream' (1985 - his best LP, I think) has been brought out on CD as well, 'Portrait' I'm not sure about. 'Live in Hamburg' (1986), featuring him and occasional partner Iain MacKintosh live at a (no - THE) Hamburg pub, is available from some German label as a CD, or maybe from Iain MacKintosh himself. I could find out the German label's address if you like, Barbara. - Susanne