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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
19-Dec-21 - 03:23 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
I was talking with my ex this morning and we both were observing that it is just the weirdest xmas ever. It doesn't feel like it, and I think the COVID extension/morphing is part of it. My next door neighbor brought it as close to home as I hope it ever lands, but with this Omicron being so transmissible, I think even a mask indoors is a risk. I may double mask for some things, and cut back on other activities entirely. I just haven't been able to get into the holiday mood. And I pity the poor counselors out there, swamped with clients. They're dealing with all of this themselves on top of their client lists.

When there are gradual changes, like the emergence of your brother's cancer, he may have just chalked it up to other things, like his age, or how he slept, etc. But I hope you get a clear answer, Dorothy! It took me ages to finally realize that there was something more than just aging going on when I developed the PMR, and then darned if it didn't do the same again a few years later when the thyroid shut down.

I just heard a strange "thud" in the street, and when trying to get to the door had to shuffle through and literally push back the scrum of dogs (two of the three). There is a heavy metal mesh security door on the front and side and they want to rush right up to it. I have a squirt bottle handy, and in this case the motorcyclist who wiped out going around the corner out front was going slow so I didn't need to go out to help him, but he heard the dogs barking and called out that he was ok. I think I'm going to have to use the shock collar on the girls and do some door exercises. This isn't acceptable.