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Posted By: Felipa
23-Dec-21 - 07:34 PM
Thread Name: Mighty Day (the Galveston one)
Subject: Lyr Add: The 8th of September & After ( Galveston)
I haven't read all the thread, probably someone mentioned knowing this song and the words of the chorus as "Wasn't that a Mighty Storm".
There are a few songs about the Galveston flood. I just came across this one at|

The 8th of September and After ( Galveston Song)

In 1900 the year of our Lord
A hurricane ravaged the Texas seaboard
September the 8th arose a strange cry
On the Gulf's dark waters, six thousand would die

Together they conquered, together they built
To live, to survive, was their strongest will
Sailors and soldiers fought tears and the wind
And the people united, they set out again

Galveston people were brave, they were bold
They helped one another, from the young to the old
The waves and the gales; their homes broke apart
Destruction left many a broken heart


The Klines were heroes, many lives they did save
But the water kept rising from the hurricane gales
Others ignored warnings, found a watery grave
And the ships in the harbour were crushed by the waves


Oh, Galveston Island you've seen many a storm
That day in September will always live on
Your people's spirit will fight tears and the wind
Together you conquer, together you win

FINISH WITH tune "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

Words and Music by Patrick and Danny O'Flaherty, 1989.