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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
27-Dec-21 - 08:26 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

What a non-Christmas... My son and I decided early on that a trip from Philly to Montreal for only 4 days AND having to get back across the border on Christmas eve was a non-starter. They will re-schedule when travel becomes possible and time can be found. I felt sad.

A phone call with my niece Jennifer, a dynamite nurse, helped us understand what is going on with my bro. SIL phoned after first chemo and reported he did well.Jen indicates the prognosis is not great but if Bro were not extremely healthy for 81, there would be no treatment. She is a part of each Dr visit, by speaker phone, and I know bro will get the best possible care. A year might be the limit but attitude counts.

There has been no one in our home except a few weeks ago when Dan fixed (thankfully!) the furnace. I barely saw him as he went down the hall and into the basement. R goes to work and claims he keeps a careful distance from everyone. Ephraim's girlfriend got covid and now E has it. Derek also has it - both important staff. R is lower than a snake's belly, worrying about everything and everybody. I struggle and manage to be positive and supportive most, but not all, the time.

He stayed home four days and finished installing the sink in bathroom, then started looking at the snowblower which "worked fine when I bought it" at a yard sale a couple years ago; it has sat out in back yard since but he moved it into garage to work on it. Not that the garage is warm; it has no door but the opening faces south and no snow goes inside. I believe he may get it working before it is seriously needed.

It makes him feel good to accomplish these small things and is starting to talk about doing the kitchen sink and counter. That would be great! But I try not to push these small things when he has so many big nasty things on his agenda.

I have reduced life, this week, to ordering groceries so I can just pick them up at the store, delivered to my car. I have had my booster; R gets his on 30th. Today's order... Well, I neglected to click "no substitutions" and ended up with some things with which I will have to be creative, or give to the food bank. The items I did not get were disappointing. The next option is to have things delivered as I believe the delivery emanates from a larger store with more in stock - maybe.

I am feeling as though life, what there is of it, is ... just not much in the way of Life. I am not accustomed to feeling afraid but I am very fearful of getting this. My energy level is low and my morale is very low. But I did manage to purchase a beautiful, small Christmas tree - feeling torn at buying a once living tree but wanting one so badly; it cheered R up for a short while. It is holding up well, in a bowl of water. Our family tradition is to leave it up until my birthday - 11 January. It will do a good job. Then it will go out to the woods for the critters.

One year I was sharing a third floor flat with R's bro - one of the worst winter's of my life! It was drab and cold and I sat in the LR - the only warm room - holding hands, literally, with the tree a fellow stole for us on Christmas eve, until April when we finally had to put it out. Hey! I have had worse Christmases!!

We did not go to Beaver because of R's appointment for booster. I really don't think either of us had the energy for the trip. So I watch TV instead of the west hill and look for friends on FB, lending support where possible and enjoying some of the cheery posts. My social life.