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Posted By: GUEST,Norton1
07-Mar-01 - 07:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Help - I want my privacy back
Subject: RE: BS: Help - I want my privacy back
Ah yes - the door knockers. In my impetuous youth I simply threw them down the steps, or knocked them off their feet. My first wife was of a religious group that insisted I participate. I threw the first couple of guys through the screen door they managed to get into. They switched tactics and sent a pair of old ladies. I answered the door in the nude and they stopped that crap. The current sign on the door says "Property protected by an armed citizen." Seems to have eliminated most of them. We also have a cow dog that bites trespassers. All of our property is properly posted and only two have managed to get themselves bit - do they know how to read??

If they call on the phone we request they remove us from their rolls. It has literally eliminated phone solicitations.

I have no guilt - they are doing their job (trying to part me from my cash) and I do mine - Not a chance buddy.

Nancy Reagan said it best - "Just say NO."