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Posted By: robomatic
31-Dec-21 - 02:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
I'm pretty sure Trump is positioning himself for a Presidential run. (Thank you, Mitch Macconnell for making that possible). And by positioning I mean posturing.

He has come out as strongly favoring the vaccine. And emphasizing his vital part in Operation Warp Drive (He was breathing at the same time as world medical infrastructure was developing the vaccines).

This drew a rise out of Alex Jones. I will not go further with Jones as he is a danger to OPM (Other Peoples' Minds). But he declared that Trump might actually be 'evil'.

I am thinking of working on a Venn Diagram of Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and Donald Trmp scanned over the qualities 'CRAZY' 'EVIL' 'POLITICAL' but that is better left to others. I was in a conversation with a definitely rational friend who tends to be more conservative than me and who classified Trmp as EVIL which even I am hesitant to do. I don't find BS and greed to be evil in themselves. Maybe I need to rethink that.