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Posted By: Steve Shaw
01-Jan-22 - 11:41 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Subject: RE: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Yes it has, Charmion. And tobacco has killed many people, and don't get me started on the hydrogenating of cheap oils. Not a great argument for legalising another potentially harmful substance, though, it it? I wonder whether Sir Walter would have got his baccy past the authorities had its carcinogenic nature been known at the time. We should have learned enough by now about how to test stuff for harmful effects before letting even more genies out of the lamp. A small irony noted in this thread: at least one person who's a dope enthusiast (cannabis, a largely untested substance for medical efficacy in clinical trials, remember) is also a coronavirus vaccine doubter (yep, those jabs that are currently saving hundreds of thousands of lives after being passed by properly conducted clinical trials).

As I said, I think that anyone should have the right to grow plants from seeds and use the crop for their own personal use. If you know where magic mushrooms grow, great, it should be your right to collect them and abuse them at will (on yourself only). Remember that it's capitalism wot ruthlessly pushes booze, tobacco, unsustainable palm oil, fossil fuels and vicious neonicotinoid insecticides at us. Capitalism will promote the worst kinds of behaviour until the rest of us sit up and notice and start to squeal and chain ourselves to railings. 'Twas ever thus. Make dope legal, the same thing will happen. Grow it for yourself, great in my book. Commercialise it and we add one more source of ill-health to the world.

By the way, if look up genuine scientific sources which discuss the efficacy of cannabis and its products, you'll find precious few scientifically-confirmed benefits. Practically none. We are hardly out of the realms of witch-doctors and snake oil purveyors. Watch out for seeking out good old confirmation bias, weed enthusiasts!