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Posted By: Donuel
05-Jan-22 - 11:38 AM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Free Association Time
If you are not comfortable with ignorance you should never be a scientist since you have to have a premise of not knowing before can begin to discover.
If you are not comfortable with science you should never be in a position of policy or evolution of your nation or civilization's economy or education since all knowledge and innovation comes from science.
If you look at how many Jews have earned a Nobel prize its about a quarter of all the prizes combined but there are only 15 million Jews.
How many Muslims earned a Nobel prize? TWO. But there are more than a billion Muslims. Why? Because religion killed of their science millenia ago. That led to a kind of civilization collapse.
Some Christians are in danger of collapsing civilization with their anti science agenda. The Vatican knows better than to to follow the Muslims into collapse and supports science in many ways.
So I have to admit I am OK with ignorance. It has driven a passion to learn, study and experiment and to 'know'. Not to know everything but to know what I can. Ignorance has helped me choose roads less traveled that made all the difference. This is why I have always chosen to claim my IQ is way below average although it isn't. Its a good place to start to learn.
My Cosmology hobby started by reading Flatland. My music education began by learning an instrument well enough to meet conductors who taught me more from Harry John Brown to Leonard Bernstien. Hy favorite lesson was that silence was the golden momment of possibility and should be played with keen intent. My interest in Psychology began with a college experiment regarding Hypnosis. Politics was simply a by product of my dad being a political scientist.
Arrogant folks can believe their 'knowing' is above all others and is never wrong while I think being wrong has the beauty to attract more knowledge and wisdom.' In a way they don't know right from wrong and that the road to wisdom is really paved with ignorance and being wrong. Those self proclaimed know it alls annoy me and are just 'no it alls' to me. They are the ones who should never be a scientist since they are not friends with ignorance.

That Mike is worthy of being Emperor and knows everthing is a fine parody of this phenomenon almost as good as the 2000 year old man.