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Posted By: Donuel
11-Jan-22 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Subject: RE: BS: Who got medical pot? Work? For what?
Horatio there are things that will get you higher than Heaven or Earth but not everyone has access to medical research substances. Pot has the advantage of having little addictive qualities but endorphins can put ayahuaesca in the shade if you know what I mean. Yes you can make your own but so does the animal world. Due to budget restrictions one can't get Dolphin endorphins but Rhesus or Baboon endorphins are aplenty.
Euphoria, sex, strength, you name it, it gives a boost commensurate with Peruvian Marching powder on steroids.
Experiments to overcome depression and other ailments are the reason these exemplary natural substances have emerged.
They do not have the ineffable magical qualities of psychedelic mushrooms but well being to the power of ten is a road worth traveling.
It should be enough just knowing this stuff is out there but they are so good there is no denying that once taken they are easy to crave.

That reminds me genetically modified pigs that have no rejection genes are now used for pig heart transplants for humans. Also kidneys and other spare parts are on their way.