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Posted By: GUEST,Roger the skiffler
08-Mar-01 - 06:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Help - I want my privacy back
Subject: RE: BS: Help - I want my privacy back
I may have told this story before(I usually have, CRS, you know!).
One organisation I supported financially kept writing and cold calling for donations. I got fed up with saying I will decide when and how much I send you, don't keep bothering me. In the end I told them I would cut ten pounds sterling from what I intended to give them every time I received an unsolicited call or letter, which I considered was wasting the organisation's resources. Needless to say the calls continued.
When the notional sum was zero I wrote to tell them and that the money was going to another good cause.
They've not bothered me since and I'll probably contribute again but without giving them my address or phone number.
Trouble is I have an unusual surname so they'll probably track me down (well, how many Skifflers do YOU know? *BG*)