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Posted By: Steve Shaw
19-Jan-22 - 03:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Subject: RE: BS: New news on the pandemic COVID-19
Confirmation bias my arse. There is no justification for claiming, as has been claimed in this country for almost two years every day, that a disease that typically lasts about a week or ten days for nearly everyone who catches it has killed everyone who caught it within 28 days of their first symptoms. After ten days, it is not possible to ascribe deaths with any confidence at all directly to the virus. Some terminally weakened, of course, others by another illness that struck them when they were down, others who did not receive adequate treatment (the stories are legion). The current reported death rate as a proportion of omicron-infected people is just about equivalent to the death rate from flu. And even that is based not only on the bogus 28 days but also by neglecting the fact that flu is bloody obvious to everyone who catches it, whereas a third of people infected with coronavirus don't know they've got it and go uncounted, making the true pro rata death rate even lower.

It behoves you to avoid ill-considered accusations of confirmation bias when you clearly haven't thought the thing through. Throughout this pandemic I've often thought that your mask advocacy (which borders on the evangelical), along with your excoriating of those who have bothered to look at what little rigorous science there is on mask efficacy, has been tantamount to the precise thing that you're accusing me of. I've been polite enough not to accuse YOU.