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Posted By: AndyG
12-Oct-98 - 10:55 AM
Thread Name: Hamish Imlach (1940-1996)-info, songs, etc.
Subject: Lyr Add: THE COPPER'S SONG (Hamish Imlach)
I heartily agree with all the above regrets, I last saw Hamish perform at the Cambridge Folk Festival, he died not long afterwards.

I got this song second hand from someone who claimed it was performed (maybe written) by Hamish, I don't honestly know. I've always thought of it as his though.

(Hamish Imlach)

One night down in old Invertochy (?)
The Gestapo were out on their beat
Looking for murder and arson
And drunks as they rolled down the street

Their were two constabulary agents - (pr. consta-bew-lary)
Their books they were quite full of names
One man, two women and a wee dog
For peeing on lamposts and drains

It was twelve o'clock when they found him
Lying there just like a log
T'was a badly bashed-about body
With tyre-marks scorched up its phizog

So they went through the usual procedure
Kicked him to make sure he was dead
Then they went though his pockets and shared out his cash
And smoked all his cigs while he bled

Then the two of them picked up the body
One had the head and the feet
And they carried him off to an alley
And dropped him on another man's beat

It was two o'clock when they re-found him
Propped up in a old fish shop door
He was naked by now, with a note on his toe
'Not wanted on beats three or four'