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28-Jan-22 - 06:22 PM
Thread Name: Any January Songs?
Subject: songs re Derry 30 Jan. 1972 Bloody Sunday
I'm looking for more Bloody Sunday lyrics

MINDS LOCKED SHUT by Christy Moore

Cruachan - "Celtic metal" rock band, first song in album "Folk-Lore" is   "Bloody Sunday"

Seanchai and the Unity Squad


Right from the start this here's a rebel song
It's from the heart I wanna tell you 'bout a wrong
Committed by Britain back in the day
Fourteen murdered, they refused to be slaves
To the crown

In Derry Town
They wouldn't bow down
So they were shot down

A peaceful protest the turnout was large
So the soldiers decided to show who was in charge
Vexed so they flexed, did what papas can do best
When the smoke had cleared fourteen were laid to rest
No riots, no lootin' to start off the shootin'
People emulated King not Seale or Newton
Things forever changed after that afternoon
Brothers started doin' what they had to do
On Bloody Sunday

Sunday Bloody Sunday - still haunted by the cries
Sunday Bloody Sunday - twenty five years of lies

How long must we sing this song
Till the government finally admits that they were wrong

And finally show some decency
Reparation to each family
Treat our people with some dignity
You know their shit really gets to me
The way they try to deny my history
Twenty five years on our people gettin' strong
Thought may hit the Brits it's time to move on
Order the border to be cast out to sea
'Cause that is where it was meant to be
And that would be an appropriate way
To honour those who were slain
On Bloody Sunday

There are several songs and poems entitled "Bloody Sunday" - some about the 1972 tragedy, some about other massacres. And the title SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY has been used more than once. U2, Songwriters: Adam Clayton / Larry Mullen / Dave Evans / Paul Hewson : I can't believe the news today
Oh, I can't close my eyes and make it go away
How long, how long must we sing this song?
How long? How long?
John Lennon:
Well it was Sunday Bloody Sunday
When they shot the people there.
The cries of thirteen martyrs
Filled the Derry air
Is there any one amongst you
Dare to blame it on the kids?
Not a soldier boy was bleeding
When they nailed the coffin lids!

And the one I already posted, by Chris Byrne of Seanchaí
You can also find a French translation of that one at|

Joe Mulheron has a song about BLOODY SUNDAY "... The Widgery mockery, there is not doubt.. ...on Englands's proud history a crime added yet/How can we forgive them? How can we forget?"

Máiread Ní Mhaonaigh & Tríona Ní Dhomhnaill DOMHNACH NA FOLA
on the T with the Maggies album

"Domhnach na Fola" is Irish Gaelic for Bloody Sunday, or "the Sunday of blood". But no, I don't have the lyrics. That song was a response to the Saville Report which accepted UK military responsibility for the 1972 killings. Most of the "Domhnach na Fola" videos coming up on youtube are about another bloody Sunday, during the Irish war of independence, when 14 people were killed in Croke Park sportsground in Nov. 1920.

Link to post above about  SUNDAY,BLOODY SUNDAY