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Posted By: GUEST,Larry Poole
01-Feb-22 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Any January Songs?
Subject: RE: Any January Songs?
Here's a new one,

Battle of January Sicketh
(Tune: 8th of January
Dialect: Missedusurpy)

In 2021 we tried our Coup d’etat
A Steel the Vote march on the Capital
Teutonic horns, machetes and camo flack jacks
Snorting meth and coke, we put our Glocks in our packs.

        They fired their tear gas but our riot kept righton a coming
        Our boys let us through the barricades and Freedom Heros owned the day
        We killed some cops, then they walked us out like tourists
        Confederate flags a-waving we made our rebel getaway.

Ole BoneSpurs said we could take them by surprise
Sick us Proud Patriots on the Gov’ment, we’ll see who’s telling lies
March up to that Libertarred Congress, kill Pelosi and Pence
TeaRump’s in the White House laughing at yuh Dems.

        We couldn’t find AntiFa, so we killed with fire extinguishers
        We chased Pense to his bunker with our crow bars and tasers
        We ran real fast and the Guard was standing down
        We Tea Partied the Capital with an insurrection.