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Posted By: CarolC
08-Mar-01 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
Subject: RE: BS: CarolC's Canadian Adventure 3
Subject: RE: The ability to Laugh at YOURSELF!
From: CarolC
Date: 15-Feb-01 - 11:12 PM

Last time we went to the Newmarket Coffeehouse, flattop and I had a comptetition to see who would get hit on the most. We assigned point values to different kinds of people. I would get 5 points if the owner of the place hit on me, and 50 points if a Scotsman hit on me. Everyone else would be 1 point. flattop would get 50 points if a (female) professional skater hit on him, and one point for everyone else.

flattop got hit on by two women at the gas station. He claims they were young women, but I didn't see them. So he started off two points ahead of me. By the end of the night, I was ahead, six to two.

I got my fifty points a week ago Monday. "Johnny Death", a Scotsman who goes to the Orillia song circle hit on me in the Tim Horton's where we gathered after song circle was over. That was after I asked him what he thought of the anus as a w/hole. flattop said I shouldn't be gentle with Johnny. I didn't realize at the time that flattop was trying to set me up with him.