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Posted By: Donuel
13-Feb-22 - 11:14 AM
Thread Name: BS: SPACE - James Webb Telescope LAUNCH-Dec 2021
Subject: RE: BS: SPACE - James Webb Telescope LAUNCH
Conviviality enhances idea sharing more than a tale of two trolls.
I see that oft repeating formula for thread closure over exploration as an empty bleak waste of time. You would think old people would eventually evolve beyond the 90's 'flaming' behavior. But for familiar reasons some ill intentioned people, the familiar is all they will ever know. What are those familiar reasons? Its as we all know, when people really don't like themselves.
My unrequested advice is to forgive yourself. It is an old panacea like the defintion of the word 'karma' in original Sanscrit -
karma: to take action with a moral choice to bring good into the world.