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Posted By: keberoxu
13-Feb-22 - 02:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: stay afloat while others don't
Subject: RE: BS: stay afloat while others don't
Another pitiful drama coming to its denouement.
The patient in question broke the rule about staying off cannabis while in treatment.
Nobody listens to me, of course, but
I think said patient should transfer to drug rehab.
The cannabis abuse was serious
and this clinic does NOT do detox.

Of course the individual case has many tragic complications,
like suicidality and dissociative episodes.
It's just really sad to see it all coming to this.
The administrative decision, whichever it will be,
comes down to an announcement tomorrow (Monday),
and emotions are high, intense, and polarized.
I joined a discussion last evening to put in my two cents' worth
and right away somebody had to announce to the group
how angry my words made them ... it was not my intent to make anybody angry ...
I feel like I ought to keep my big mouth shut for a few days.