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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
28-Feb-22 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: Music from Ukraine
Subject: RE: Music from Ukraine
Here is me doing my little bit!

From my Faceache post -

For obvious reasons Ukraine has been on my mind and I realised I can actually play the Ukrainian folk song "Oi ne khody, Hrytsju". (In English, Oh don't go, Hrytsju (A name I guess. Can anyone help?))
I have posted it before and many of you will know it by a different name but here it is again anyway. If you want to join in, it is in Dm and the chords are Dm, A, F and C7
Interesting fact from Wiki -,_My_Darling_Daughter
"Israeli musicologist Yakov Soroker posited the end of the first melodic phrase of "Oi ne khody Hrytsiu" contains a "signature" melody common in Ukrainian songs in general which he calls the "Hryts sequence" and gives a list of hundreds of Ukrainian folk songs from the Carpathians to the Kuban that contain this particular sequence"
Anyway. Hope you enjoy it :-)

Oi ne khody, Hrytsju