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Posted By: Backwoodsman
28-Feb-22 - 11:04 AM
Thread Name: 2013 Obit: Dave Bulmer (Age 62)
Subject: RE: 2013 Obit: Dave Bulmer (Age 62)
But Bulmer has been dead for a number of years, Dick - the question was, “Has anyone actually approached the Bulmer family?”, who presumably inherited from him. If no-one has approached them, there’s little point getting their nether-garments wedged up their arse-cracks and blowing off hot air on here, the Bulmer family are hardly likely to hear about it and, if they did, they’re unlikely to feel benevolent towards someone who hasn’t even taken the trouble to discuss the issue with them.

It really isn’t rocket surgery - surely even you can understand that it’s the logical, business-like way to go.

And, as you have chosen to publicly pontificate at length on a forum of which I am a member, I’m as entitled to take part in this conversation as you or anyone else.

Alles klaar?