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09-Mar-01 - 04:00 AM
Thread Name: The Martin 000-15S
Subject: RE: The Martin 000-15S
That is interesting Justa Picker. I was wondering if the guitar was finished under the pickguard. I would still be interested in comments about the joys and sadnesses of removing the pickguard.

On one hand the glossy guitar gets dull and according to Boredat, the matte instrument gets shiny with human contact.

Spaw, what you have quoted belies what you say about the only difference between gloss and satin is a non-glossy agent. There is also the polishing of the gloss finish. I assume that means that several layers are put on and buffed before the final buffing. However, I am willing to believe that the effect on sound is negligible. I had another reason for not wanting to get gloss. It would be a custom job and as Justa says, that would take a year's wait. I was only in the US for three and a half weeks!