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Posted By: Allan C.
09-Mar-01 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: Chords Req: Coal Tattoo (Billy Edd Wheeler)
Subject: Chords Add: COAL TATTOO
I am looking forward to trying the other chord patterns shown so far.

I do an Am version of this song with a lot of hammering on that chord as an intro. This key also works well for me when I melody-pick in the lower register.

(Am)Travelin' down that (G)coal town (Am)road
(C)Listen to my (G)rubber tires (Am)whine
(Am)Goodbye to buckeye and (G)white syca(Am)more
(C)I'm leavin' (G)you be(Am)hind

(C)I've been a coal miner (G)all my (Am)life
(C)Layin' down (G)tracks in the (F)ho(G)-ole
Got a (Am)back like an ironwood, (G)bent by the (Am)wind
(C)Blood veins (G)blue as the (Am)coal
(F)Blood veins (G)blue as the (Am)coal

I am fairly sure (but can't guaranty) that I played it on the Mudcat Radio Show on June 21st of last year if you want to have a listen to the archive.