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Posted By: Steve Shaw
18-Apr-22 - 08:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Russian war crimes
Subject: RE: BS: Russian war crimes
If a Russian gunner fires at non-combatants under direct ORDERS from the Kremlin, or under orders from a commander who is taking orders from the Kremlin, then it is a Putin war crime. If he carries out the action whilst not under direct, specific command to aim at that target, knowing that he is targeting those non-combatants, or aims at civilian areas without regard for the risk of harming civilians, then it's his war crime. All combatants should know the rules of war, and claiming ignorance of them would be no excuse. I suppose that it would be difficult for an under-orders Russian soldier with a conscience to refuse to engage in what he would know to be a war crime. As for the Russian people, we could, in the case of many of them, in particular the ones who support Putin, discuss whether they are aiding and abetting war crimes. That would be a difficult area, as we know that Russian people are not given accurate information about what's going on. Nothing's simple.