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Posted By: Felipa
18-Apr-22 - 08:42 PM
Thread Name: Music from Ukraine
Subject: Lyr. add: Pishla maty na selo - Hrechanyky
I should have posted this song for Mardi Gras aka Pancake Tuesday (or indeed for the winter solstice, N. hemisphere, see notes below the lyrics), rather than during Easter week, but anyway, here is a Ukrainan song "Mother Went to the Village",Pishla maty na selo, also known as also known as Hrechanyky "Buckwheat Pancakes" (Blinis)



Pishla maty na selo
Grechnu muku dobuvaty,
Hrechanyky uchynyaty,
Svoyikh ditok hoduvaty.

Hop, moyi hrechanyky,
Hop, moyi bili,
Chohos' moyi hrechanyky
Na skoryni sily.
Hop, moyi hrechanyky,
Hop, moyi smachni,
Chohos' moyi hrechanyky
Ne vdalysya vdachni.

Molov bat'ko, ne viyavshy,
Pekla maty, ne siyavshy,
Z pomyynytsi vodu brala,
Hrechanyky uchynyala.

"Idy, staryy, do krynytsi,
Idy za vodoyu,
A my zvarym obidaty
Udvokh iz kumoyu".

Zaraz kashu bez pshona,
Bez soli zvaryla,
I bez khliba tatusen'ka
Yisty posadyla.

Sydyt' tato v kintsi stola,
Opustyvshy vukha,–
Usyakomu tak buvaye,
A khto zhinok slukha.

TRANSLATION by Lisa Yannucci

Mother went to the village
To get buckwheat flour,
To make buckwheat pancakes
To feed her babies.

Hop, my pancakes
Hop, my white ones,
I don't know why
My pancakes won't rise.
Hop, my pancakes
Hop, my delicious ones
I don't know why
My pancakes aren't good.

My father was grinding, without thinking,
My mother was baking, without sowing,
She was taking water from the fountain
To cook pancakes.


"Go old man, to the well,
Go get water
And we'll cook dinner
Together with the missus."


I prepared the porridge without wheat
Cooked without salt,
And I set up my father
To eat, without bread.


Dad's sitting at the end of the table
Lowering his head*
It happens to everyone
Who listens to women.


Notes: According to Wikipedia, "Blinis were considered by early Slavic people in pre-Christian times to be a symbol of the sun, due to their round form. They were traditionally prepared at the end of winter to honor the rebirth of the new sun (Butter Week, or Maslenitsa, also called "butter week" or "pancake week"). This tradition was adopted by the Orthodox church and is carried on to the present day. Drochena, a kind of blini, was also served at wakes to commemorate the recently deceased."

If you look at the lyrics of the Ukranian Yiddish song Hop, Mayne Homentaschn, you will see how closely if was adapted (not translated) from the Ukranian language song.

RECORDINGS (links from Mama Lisa website) singing and dancing choral presentation Ukranian lyrics in the comments