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18-May-22 - 08:10 PM
Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Songs, poems, recitations, instrumentals and stories from the Mudcat Worldwide Zoom Singaround 16/17 May 2022, quite likely in the order in which they were presented. "Mountain Village" is a guess at a title for Jane's story. Thanks to Moorley Man for roughly the first half of the list. Comments and corrections always welcome.

Travelin’ man
Verdant Braes of Skreen
Jehovah’s Witnesses at the Door (poem)
Aphrodite the Smelly Belly Dancer (or Shock Absorba the Greek)
Bold Riley
Nobody Knocking
D’ ye Ken John Peel?
Day by Day
Two Sisters
Los dos filhets del rei (sung in Occitan)
Cigarettes and Whisky and Wild Wild Women
Don’t Cry Baby
The Happy Zoomer (ttto The Happy Wanderer)
Lichtbob Lassie
St. Brendan’s Voyage
The Mermaid
Oh the Dishes
A Dollar a Day
Ay lu lu (sung in Yiddish) (possibly aka Shlof Shoyn Mayn Tayer Feygele? or, Unter Beymer?)
Lives in the Balance
The Barring of our Door
Wagon Wheels
A bhean úd thíos
Scarborough Fair
Rum, by Gum
Bill Bailey
Fresh Hops
The Puppeteer (recitation)
A waltz by Bob Pasquerello (may be in Fingerwaltzes collection) (solo piano)
Where is our James Connolly
Mountain Village (story)
Earth Angel
Don’t Despise the Deserter
A September Song (recitation)
The Dancing Teacher
Wild Mountain Thyme
How Could Anyone
Just a Lie
Queen of the Rails
If I Could Be the Rain
Queen of Waters
I Can See Clearly Now
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Benjamin Bowmaneer
The English Wedding (Le Mariage Anglais, alternating English and French)
Off the Cold Coast of Iceland
Bye Bye Blues
First of May Blues
Love Me a Little
When I Have Seen
I Happen to Know (poem)
The Strange Case of Mr Donnybrook Boredom (poem)
The Strange Case of the Irksome Prude (poem)
Little Village
Ordinary Man (Gordon Lightfoot, not Peter Hames)
The Ballad of Minepit Shaw
For Tom McLean
Barrett's Privateers
Share the Road with Me
Book of Love (Monotones)
An Irish Song
Follow the Heron Home
Rock On Rockall
Turning Toward the Morning
I Think of You
Take Your Time
The Dandelion (poem)
Why I Voted the Socialist Ticket (poem)
Did You Ever Lose an Elephant
Gentle Arms of Eden
Angel from Montgomery