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Posted By: Mr Red
19-May-22 - 05:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: When yer arms shrink
Subject: RE: BS: When yer arms shrink
Being too old to have kids does not make you neutral to evolution... - Extended family, supporting & advising with childcare for one.

One way menopause did contribute to evolution - (eg) Downs Syndrome is more of a risk to older mums. So not reproducing at a age of risk frees the tribe of caring for less able members. If you are a hunter-gatherer, these things are not inconsequential.

And the eyes have it - there was a New Scientist article from an Italian ophthalmologist who reckoned the opticians' world were prescribing too perfect lenses which didn't allow the eye muscles to exercise. But that was good for business as the eyes got lazy!

As eye see it............. I'll get my coat