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Posted By: CamiSu
09-Mar-01 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Why can't I sing in tune?
Subject: RE: Why can't I sing in tune?

Loved that last! My sister in law is tune deaf, and her father who had pleasant tone, had lost the bushel basket he'd been given to carry the tune in. It was truly awful. Her mom thought he was wonderful so I guess Brenda didn't have a chance.

I had a friend who was a reasonably good tenor, who told me how he learned to sing. He got a drone box that was in his vocal range and learned to match the notes it made--both of them. He truly hadn't known where his voice was before this, and had always tried to learn from people whose range was above or below his. But I would say, judging from him, that if you can hear the pitch you can learn to match it.

I think that not being able to stay on key may involve memory more than pitch match. My husband can sing quite nicely as long as he has an accompaniment or another singer there. But if he tries to go on his own, he's hopeless. Even pretty good singers can get lost when trying to repeat 3 unrelated tones.

BTW I use the NBC Aural logo for a sixth.

CamiSu who is usualy CLOSE!