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Posted By: Sorcha
10-Mar-01 - 01:16 AM
Thread Name: Celtic Harp info, please....
Subject: RE: Celtic Harp info, please....
I have a 29 string which is almost too big for a lap harp, and a bit too small for a floor harp. It has no sharping levers, and I usually keep it tuned (??) to C major.

I built it from a Hughes Dulcimer kit. (That's the company name) They are in Denver, Colorado, US. I did do some adapting to the kit. It's been several years, but I think the kit cost me about $250.00 US, and my up grades added about $100.00.

If you have any woodworking skills at all you can do this.I can probably scare up a website for Hughes if you're interested.

It's not the best harp in the world, but I don't play it very well either, and it's the only thing I could afford.