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Posted By: Donuel
26-Jun-22 - 09:30 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Take heart humankind, reexaminating your mistakes, accidents and failures can sometimes find a measure of success in an application in another land and time never imagined for the original application.
For example you may remember how I was inspired by a deaf guitarist to find a way for him to hear his performance and more. Independantly I was seeking a means to directly stimulate the cochlea and brain to transmit hearing. Later I joined with projects under Kodak and Litton Ind. I came up with an external approach that proved inferior to an implanted Cochlear device. However the effects of transmitting music from the outside of the skull to temporal regions caused synthesesia.
Basicly I had invented electronic LSD one could turn on or off or explore new sensations like inventing colors never before seen. With this device sense signals are sent to unexpected sensory areas of the brain and allow a person to experience switched senses depending upon where receptors and transmitters are placed. In real world terms a taste could be sensed as feeling with your hands a 3D object with texture, color and temperature. Wierder interpretations by the brain are infinite. It is an interesting experience and might not be everyone's cup of tea. I can't say it makes you think differently but you can imagine how you can feel and process perspectives differently.

What to call it matters. I want to emphasize creativity and minimize simple scrambling. As an open source code machine the evolution of this device is both infinite and unknown. While it feels normal in a new way it is also extreme in its different interface with the world.

:Da Vinci
by what name would you call a synthesesia machine?