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Posted By: Donuel
03-Jul-22 - 10:36 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Whoo! (Uhh, welcome) Ohhh!
I'd like to welcome everybody, welcome everybody (yo y-yo yo yo)
To the motherfucking Metaverse Chat Room (yo, y-yo, yo)

[Rappin Joe Biden]
How many Muricans fell victim in the streets
Rest in peace young victims, it's a death by big lie
Eyes still open reflecting the grey blue sky
Fish belly up above the bleached reefs

The lure of cash emptied out the oceans and poor
The elite experts in charge used to be all creeps
It'd be a lie if I told you that they were not thieves
Every deal the government made for me went out the door

Its not just ketchup on the wall!
Those who want to rule want to outgun the constitution
They are afraid they will be poor after restitution
How many that were taught the dream of America must fall?

The end of civilization begins with too many of us
and just enough of the big lie believing them
Cause to the elite world earners you ain't worth phlegm
The world is infected with a CO2 wound oozing puss

What men have done to this living planet is beyond vulgar
Endings are by their nature always sad and full of suffering
But done by the hand of man somehow makes this smothering
the most evil kind of ulcer we call a culture

Through lies, theft, shootouts, stick-ups and invasions
The world is full of suckers but don't worry, some dream of good
No matter how they are disbelieved and misunderstood
They are always on the brink of solving the equation

Call his pops, pick the phone up
So he can come find his son lyin in his own blood
On that block that patriots shot up
Near the house we grew up in before the flood

50 bullets made that sound that goes thud
The first 10 made the kid scream
The number of bullets were not as extreme
as the tradition that makes red mud