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Posted By: Little Neophyte
10-Mar-01 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: Celtic Harp info, please....
Subject: RE: Celtic Harp info, please....
Hello everybody, this is Black Walnut's secretary here, sending a memo from my boss................

  You'll be shocked by the low price of these excellent harps from British Columbia, Canada:
Harp Site
  I looked around Ontario for my first harp. I saved much much much money by having one made for me by Josephus Harp Shop, and shipped to my home.  It has a beautiful aubergine padded case.

The reason the price is so low is that Joseph Jourdain, the builder, sells only direct, never through a store.  So, you are buying it at what is actually the "wholesale price" of the instrument.  He concentrates on giving great sound and quality in a simple yet quite elegant design. This is not a harp made from a is a harp made from scratch from a very good builder, who loves what he does and really knows his stuff.  Also, Joseph says that since he lives in a tiny mountain town, he doesn't need much money, so he doesn't charge any more than he needs to!

My harp is a 36 string black walnut (go figure)
Wellspring.  It is very lightweight compared to any other harp of this size that I have tried, and fits in the back seat of most cars, so it is not difficult to take to song circles or on trips.

My teacher, Toronto's Sharlene Wallace (an amazing internationally lauded celtic harper), recommended I get my harp from Josephus.  She regularly teaches at the Mountain Arts Camp in Wells, where the Josephus Harps are made.

  Definitely worth a look!

~black walnut