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Posted By: leeneia
08-Aug-22 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Origin: You Belong to Me (King/Price/Stewart)
Subject: Lyr Add: You Belong to Me - new words
I sang this song at the Singaround today. The song has always seemed a little short to me, and I wonder why three authors couldn't come up with some new words for the second B part. So I wrote some new ones without going to the colossal effort of thinking up three lines that rhyme.

You Belong to Me by Chilton Price, Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King

See the pyramids along the Nile,
watch the sunrise from a tropic isle.
Just remember darling all the while
you belong to me.

See the market place in old Algiers,
send me photographs and souvenirs,
just remember when temptation appears,
you belong to me.

I'll be so alone without you;
Maybe you'll be lonesome too.

Fly the ocean in a silver plane.
See the jungle when it's wet with rain.
Just remember till you're home again
you belong to me.

Night-time gets so long without you;
Daytime gets so lonesome too - and blue.
Cross the desert in a soaring plane;
See big cities in the misty rain.
Just remember till you're home again
you belong to me.

I think I was middle-school age when I heard this song on the radio. To a kid on a boring suburban street with a half-dead elm in front of the house, going to a school run on principles from the 1930's, this song represented adventure and the exotic.

There was a sidewalk in front of our house, and for some reason one square of it had subsided 4 or 5 inches. Somedays the most exciting thing that happened all day was bouncing my bicycle into and out of that square.