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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Sep-22 - 06:22 AM
Thread Name: Queen Elizabeth II / King Charles
Subject: RE: Queen Elizabeth II / King Charles
Until the nineteenth century the monarchy were enthusiastic exploiters of the slave trade, and much of their wealth was/is predicated on it. Of course, wealth begets wealth, enhanced by centuries of amassing (in the words of the Lord, to them that have it shall be given...the rest of us pay taxes...). In spite of their mighty wealth (in terms of money alone, the Queen had about £300 million quid) and their millions in annual profits from their holdings (which, but for the slave trade, would be far more humble...), we give them £90 million per annum from the public purse. That's about £1.50 each we'll never see again...

Then there's the tens of thousands of acres of grouse moors, "managed" in the most environmentally-destructive way possible. I wonder whether that environmentally-friendly new King of ours will now do the right thing, bin his plus-twos and rewild all those acres...

What price ethics...?