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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Sep-22 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: Queen Elizabeth II / King Charles
Subject: RE: Queen Elizabeth II / King Charles
I'm thinking of voluntarily offering to pay tax.

The grouse moors are there in abundance in the Lancaster holdings. What's wrong with 'em?

Well, they keep ordinary people from roaming the moorlands (on one occasion in the seventies in upper Teesdale, I ignored the signs and had shots fired over my head for my troubles).

They are for the privileged, entitled few.

Their gamekeepers illegally murder rare birds of prey (at least two cases are known from royal grouse moors, and who knows what else is hidden from us...)

The rotational burning which benefits the grouse decimates insect life, excludes other ground-nesting birds, destroys plant biodiversity and prevents natural succession, and severely damages the underlying peat, releasing masses of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere instead of keeping it locked up in the peat where it belongs.

All for the "sport" of the hooray Henrys and assorted hangers-on...

Let's see whether he who now "reigns over us" will honour his self-assumed environmental credentials and ditch the shoots!