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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
21-Sep-22 - 10:35 AM
Thread Name: FITNESS & Declutter 2022 - Pandemic redux
Subject: RE: FITNESS & Declutter 2022 - Pandemic redux
Charmion, I had a Siamese mix cat when I moved to the apartment after divorce and it had nice long windows so he could sit and look out, along with sliding glass doors onto a small deck. Usually if other cats came by he hissed and complained, but there was one little cat he seemed charmed by. She turned out to be a stray, and we ended up adopting her because he approved. (It still took a little negotiating once she was in the house, with the cats separated in different rooms for a few days, and one morning I opened the room door and opened the kennel door. I realized they were okay when I heard him peeing in her box, then a little while later, she took a dump in his box.) One of your cats may have decided they want to make friends with the outside cat while the other has expressed reservations.

Odd dream right before waking this morning: that I'd forgotten to set the alarm or to do the usual Saturday night tasks I do for my part-time job (there is a radio show on Sunday mornings and I set up the online stuff ahead of that broadcast). I sat up out of the dream, struggled to get the phone and was 3/4 through a message while turning on the computer, saying I'd put everything up in a couple of minutes when I realized . . . it's Wednesday. Whew. Message not sent.

More clothes into the donation bin. Yoga pants aren't really sized in normal human sizes; when I was large I used XL, but now that I've gotten back down to what I consider a "medium" size I'm shopping for Capri-style yoga pants size L. I wore a new pair yesterday and those are plenty snug.