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Posted By: NH Dave
11-Mar-01 - 06:08 PM
Thread Name: BS: School Pranks?
Subject: RE: BS: School Pranks?
Years ago when the aactual Jeeps were still pretty common, some students at Dartmouth College broke one down into easily trasported bits and reassembled it on the desk of one of their engineering professors. It may even have been his Jeep as they were fairly cheap then...mostly war surplus.

Another time, during a long weekend, engineering students broke into a fellow student's room and welded railroad rail into a 8 pointed "jacks" arrangement from each corner of the room to a great knot in the middle of the room.

During MY college days, my school had a ten minute rule for all classes. If the instructor hadn't shown up by ten minutes after the hour the students were free to leave with no penalty.

On the last morning before Christmas Break we sat and watched one of our English teachers trudge slowly up the walk towards the classroom, at a pace that we realized would not get her to class on time. The more daring left by another entrance so as to escape her notice, while those with more decency or less imagination stayed behind.

Casting her eye about the nearly empty room she decided to save her prepared lecture for after vacation, and spent the entire hour discussing the various materials we had read over the term, talking about many not so obvious parallels between these works, and generally treating us a graduate students or equals in this learning game.

Six weeks later, 90% of what she had discussed with us found its way onto the end of term exam, to our delight, and the consternation of those who had chosen to cut her class that winter morning. We took great delight in noting that they really should have been at that class whenever they began complaining about not ever hearing those points in class before.