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Posted By: Tony Rees
26-Oct-22 - 02:29 PM
Thread Name: Country music in 1970s UK folk clubs
Subject: RE: Folklore: Country music in 1970s UK folk clubs
RE "We do both kinds of music. Country AND Western" ... is funny in today's context, however appropriate once upon a time, since "country music" arguably came from the mountains / hillbilly territory (Carter Family etc.) and originally had little to do with "western" music (singing cowboys etc.). The blend probably occurring when both moved to the cities and a new marketing genre developed incorporating elements of both... you could argue (if you wanted) that the "western" element persists in persons wanting to dress up like cowboys, fire pretend guns, and say "yee hah!" a lot, while the "country" element is closer to the still-current folk music of the Appalachians etc. The more "modern"/sentimental country/Nashville music (1940s onwards) having departed from both quite a bit...