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Posted By: Backwoodsman
14-Nov-22 - 07:47 AM
Thread Name: Review: Thomas Inkfeld Acoustic guitar strings
Subject: RE: Review: Thomas Inkfeld Acoustic guitar strings
”I've been using most of the elements of that Taylor stringing method for a long time except for cutting the strings before stringing which looks like it would make things a bit easier (unless of course you're using those round cores). I also apply some graphite to the nut slots before installing the strings, grinding in some lead pencil also works.”

Yes, in my previous post I forgot to mention that I use the ‘Taylor Method’ for the hex-core strings (usually Elixir Nano PB or D’Addario XS PB) which I use on my Brook and Martins. When I’m using Newtone Masterclass PBs on my Lowden, I don’t cut until I’ve tuned ‘er up.

Regarding nut slots, I hate the dirty appearance of a nut with graphite/pencil-lead ground into the slots, so I use either Li’l Bends Nut Sauce or the similar Music Nomad product, which are both a clear, colourless gel applied from a tube with a fine nozzle - invisible and non-soiling.